Monday, February 4, 2008

10 Things I think

Okay friends, so even with my being absent in Duluth, Minnesota (good times-good people-Great God), I have still managed to create a list. I mean, with 3 different plane rides there and back (that's 6 total for all you accountants out there), I had plenty of time to think about a variety of things. So here goes, and thanks in advance for the love and visits. Peace.

10 Things I Think...

1) The Self-Checkout machines @ grocery stores can be a frustrating thing. Ya know, I like the concept and idea, but somewhere between the sensors and the scanning lies a world of "please wait for cashier assistance." Translation = I should of just gone through the regular line, waited a few extra moments (which ends up being the same amount of time anyway), and chuckled up some good conversation with the workers. There's my future plan, people.

2) After 40 pages of his writings, Barack Obama means radical, authentic business. I'm currently reading The Authenticity of Hope, and I'll be honest--it's clever. Okay, so I've grown up with this whole idea of Christians voting Republican by default, and I'm not really sure what all that means except for the abortion issue. Yes, JFK had his character flaws and personal issues, but at his core was a man driven for social action, innovation, and change. At his core, he was a leader--the kind you want to follow regardless of imperfections. Hey, Obama has 2 daughters (6 & 9), and is still trying to figure out all the purpose and meaning of life and such. But he loves God, his family, and articulates intelligence with the kind of authenticity that I gravitate toward--think Donald Miller as a politcal leader. I am intrigued.

3) Sometimes you can be so hungry, even the sauce on the Taco Bell wrapper is worth licking. So, I was in the airport in Dallas Friday and witnessed a fella do this. Like, he actually finished his taco, pulled the wrapper up to his face, and licked the excess sauce. It was odd, embarassing, and I'd never like to see it again.

4) I hope all of you watched out for double-dippers @ your Super Bowl parties. I was watching the short news clip about how thousands of bacteria can be transferred when someone double-dips and contaminates the whole bowl. They said you might as well look around the room and smooth every single person in there. Yummy.

5) Eli Manning = making the most of the Big Stage.

6) If each of us made a vow to boycott Reality TV of ANY kind, the Networks would have choice but to end the Writer's Strike. I realize that this might require a lot from some of you, being that you have an addiction to some shows with an island and immunity challenges, or even that one show that Isfsf consider glorified karyoke. Hey, but wouldn't ya rather be watching Michael Scott and the Scranton Branch?

7)I'm starting to think tha Oprah might have more purpose towards the good of humanity and the Christian mission than Joel Osteen. You are entitled to disagree here, but the fact remains that my limited scope of TV viewing seems to always display Oprah donating/helping/changing some kind of rotten situation or opressed people, and the Osteens via Lakewood Church celebrate God and themselves at the same time. I could be wrong, and I appreciate that brother Joel has given people perspective in the name of Jesus, but I see more action from the lady with white leather couches and fancy studio. Last I checked, faith without works is dead, and proclamations without action is something Jesus could care less for.

8) When my daughter sings a Sunday School Song, I could just listen forever. It doesn't matter if it's about the wise man & the rock or a little light of hers or even kum-by-yah. It's precious and priceless.

9) If you'd like to read a book about maintaining your character, check out Deadly Character Assassins. It's short, clever, not preachy or extremely religious, and bases the entire discussion around Kung Fu and Ninjas. Oh yes, that's what I said.

10) LOST Season 4 is off to a solid start--more fantab-u-lous adventure ahead.