Tuesday, July 15, 2008

10 Things I Think

(Sigh.) Aahh. What a life, I tell ya. The pace of the last 3 1/2 weeks has moved rather fast, and so much so that I looked up and noticed it'd been nearly a month since my last blog post...since Deacon's birth and our big name reveal. (Which by the way, was a blast for us--thanks to all who had some fun with the clues and such!)
That being said, I'd like to just post a sort of back-to-normal entry that might help paint a picture of what I've been up to lately and how I'm now seeing the world around me with a family of four. Yahtzee!

10 Things I Think...

1) Robin Hood on BBC is a solid show about my boyhood idol. Not to mention the fact the lead role is played by a guy named Jonas, which I finally informed my parents was just a finalist in the sweepstakes for our son's eventual name.

My personal favorite rob-from-the-rich-and-give-to-the-poor-show of all time is Robin of Sherwood from the 1980's starring Michael Praed. Outstanding theatre, folks, I assure you.

2) Sand Volleyball and Lenny's Sub Shop are my sleeper sport & restaurant, respectively, of the summer. A few things to remember: you get a nasty, outstanding workout from moving all over the court...and at any Lenny's you can get a Kid's Meal which consists of a 4 1/2 inch sub, chips, regular sized drink, and a cookie for an additional $1.00 to all of you out there over the age of 11. It's madness, I say.

3) My wife justs get more beautiful everyday... sleep-deprived, juggling 2 munchkins, tolerating my silliness--how does she do it and manage to still glow? I love her to infinity and beyond.

4) There should be a limit on the number of chapters a book can have. Recently I was standing in the line @ Jason's Deli waiting to pay when I noticed a woman reading a "novel" that had an average of amount of pages. As she turned the page, I saw the chapter she was beginning...chapter 62. Good grief, the book didn't look that special. I mean, come on: Psalms, This Present Darkness, a couple Stephen King scarefest reads, and that's it. End of story. Anything else is just slavery to words that you could probably do without.

5) I'll man up and say it = I wish Christopher Nolan had chosen the Superman franchise. The Dark Knight just looks ridiculous, doesn't it? Look how far we've come from Chris O'Donnell stealing the batmobile and fighting the In Living Color Fly Girls! Only Nolan could have rescued my Man of Steel from the shame that was Richard Pryor. I'll leave it at that. And for the lot of you who simply cannot wait for Thursday @ Midnight, here's the first 6 minutes of the TDK. Heath Ledger has won me over as the Joker me thinks.

6) If you're planning on being in the sun for hours on end, I must advise heavy, repetitive sunscreen at all costs. I learned this the hard way a week ago as I applied moderate amounts of sunscreen, only to be destroyed by the end of the day. Currently, I am shedding like a boa constrictor on my chest, belly, and back...leaving traces of my skin debacle everywhere I go. Cheers and warnings. I suspect a post coming soon from the famous graduation speech turned One-Hit-Wonder song "Sunscreen." Stay tuned.

7) It might seem silly, but we're going to refer to our son with his actual name. This is quite amusing: there's been a trend of reactions to Deacon's name, and I've figured out that the disparity might have something to do with age. By my best estimations, most people under the age of 55 warmly accept Deacon's name and many think it's cool and unique. Yay for them. However, on more than a few occasions, some sweet folks over the age of 55 have asked what we're going to call our son...like, "Jack," or "DJ," or servant (kidding). One supporting note of my age theory is the church factor: there could be a struggle to accept a little baby boy named after a title/honor of service to others. I respect it, understand it, and give grace to all those involved. Just remember this...I never raised questions when your grandchild was given the name of a city I may have visited.

8) I need to get me some Facebook flair...I'm way behind.

9) Wall-E is the best movie of the Summer so far. Period. So far...

10) I absolutely love that I can say these 4 words now: "My son" & "The kids." Nothing is cooler than that.