Monday, September 17, 2007

Hard Rock Cafe

I am simply fascinated by the Hard Rock Café. It’s not so much the food, although it has its tasty moments. It’s not really the cool merchandise they sell at the gift shop. It’s not even the 30+ locations all over the world that anyone can visit. Two things stand out to me above all: their theme and their slogan.

Every Hard Rock Café is completely lavished with musical décor, memorabilia, and historical treasures. How do you even put a value on the stuff in there? A typical dining experience at any of their locations would leave little doubt as to what Hard Rock Café is all about, what they stand for, what they are passionate about. The music, the lights, the walls, and the service are basically directed at you remembering your experience there.

At first glance, the slogan of the restaurant is one that seems a bit “hippie-ish,” but hear me out. “Love all, serve all” just strikes me as incredibly simple, profound, and clever. I read somewhere it is a minimalist version of an Islamic prophet’s teachings, yet it captures my attention. Maybe it’s because my love for others is limited to those I choose. Maybe it’s because I am incredibly selective and selfish with my service for Christ.

I saw a church on Louetta that displays a sign of their vision/purpose, and it’s a variation of the Hard Rock Café slogan, with some spiritual direction: “Love God, Love all.” Why does all of this get me so excited and sound so appealing? Perhaps my heart and my mouth long for a simple explanation as to what Church and being a follower of Jesus means in this day and age. With all our theologies, dynamic ministries, and super facilities, is it possible for the most basic elements of love, grace, and service to become invisible?

Just like we recognize what the Hard Rock Café by their theme, slogan, and experience, I read Jesus’ desire for us to stand out in a profound way. John 13:35 – “…all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” This plea of Christ, added alongside loving God with all that we are and a service love for humanity truly shape a vibrant Christian faith at its core. Imagine a group of believers sold out to that mission over comfort levels. Imagine a church family as such pivotal presence in the surrounding community. Imagine a campus designed, decorated, and dedicated to living like Jesus.

I don’t know about you, but what’s to stop us from turning imagination into reality? Love God, Love All, Serve All.

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