Wednesday, April 2, 2008

10 Things I Think

It has been way too long...I have aged...I have slacked from this site...and yet I've been reading my little tail off in my 90-day Bible Challenge. In fact, one of the coolest things from this past weekend @ the Saturn Road Retreat I was speaking at was this: a note from a junior high girl who said she enjoyed my talks and wished me good luck on my Bible Challenge. That little piece of paper is joining me on my Scripture journey. Okay, so here's the updated ramblings of my mind--stay tuned for a regular post in the next few days. Enjoy, friends, and thanks for taking a few minutes to bond with my brain in this digital world. Peace.
10 Things I Think...

1) The NCAA Final Four this weekend is gonna be sick. You've got the 4 #1 seeds, arguably the 4 best teams in the land, and I'd be happy with 3 of the 4 winning...and I'll admit it--I cannot stand Memphis. I've yet to see them shoot baskets, free-throws, or long putts on the green against Happy Gilmore. My bracket has Kansas cutting down the nets, but I'm just happy for some unbelievable hoops in a 48 hour span.

2) Some sports personalities took the whole April Fools Day thing the full extent of the fool. Driving into work on the local Houston channel, I heard that the Rockets had traded Luis Scola to the Kings for Ron Artest straight up. Although shocked and sort of disappointed, I took the bait. It was hard not to--they had people calling in, making conversation. And when I realized the error of my ways, I was most certainly not going to fall for it again. So when Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon (my PTI boys) led their show on April Fools with a story about how Kansas and Davidson had to replay the final 16 seconds of their game from Sunday because a player on the floor had 5 fouls and never left--I didn't bite. I was actually proud of myself this time...maybe related to that whole "fool me once, fool me twice" thing.

3) The Israelites in the Old Testament sure knew how to fight...they also knew how to complain with the best of 'em. And for the record, I apologize for always visualizing them as a bunch of wusses in turbines who just had whips and sticks for weapons--Joshua, Joab, Abner--these cats could dish it out for the Lord!

4) My wife is a pretty hot pregnant lady. If you weren't happy for me before she began to house our little fella, then you most definitely are now. And in the words of a one-legged Amy Poehler, "Jealous!?" I am a lucky fella to say the least.

5) Have to confess----there have been several moments where I've missed my XBOX 360 & Call of Duty 4. Moment of silence, please.

6) My daughter placing 6 of her dolls and babies face down on the floor, each with individual pillows and blankets for nap time is unreal. She had just moved them all over from being in the "naughty spot" (a.k.a. "Timeout).

7) Sermon prep for an Easter Message, while daunting, was actually a blessing. In fact, it was quite fun, and I rather enjoyed it...especially the time @ Panera Bread, writing my intro drama.

8) Being kissed on the cheek during the Kids Offering has to be one of my highlights as a minister. Especially when the little fella has a heart of gold, Down's syndrome, and just the biggest smile on his face as his $$ goes into the bucket.

9) So, the MLB 2008 Season has started...really? I kind of hadn't noticed.

10) Bring on the ever-close return of The Office, 30 ROCK, Battlestar Galactica, and the completion of LOST Season 4...hooray for no more writers' strike!


erinlo said...

Dustin- You are such a sweet husband and daddy. Love it! Wish we could be at Bammel to enjoy you as the children's minister!

Hey- you know Jeff's a KU grad??? So- we're all about the Jayhawks over here in Calgary. So, if you're not cheering for anyone inparticular- give a little love for the JAYHAWKS!!! It would sure make it a happy day over here in the Lonard family! -Erin

Jonathan said...