Thursday, February 12, 2009

Best Movies 0f 2008

Well at long last, here is my list of my favorite flicks from the past year. By no means will anyone who reads this list agree with it 100%, and certainly this will not match up with any experts or critics choices. However, there will be an explanation paragraph at the bottom, followed by my most-anticipated movies of 2009. Enjoy and happy watching!

Bartee's Best of 2008
1. The Dark Knight
2. Wall-E
3. Iron-man

4. Kung-Fu Panda

5. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

6. Sweeny Todd

7. Horton Hears a Who

8. Mamma Mia!

9. Cloverfield

10.Be Kind Rewind

What can I say? The Batman team of Nolan, Ledger, and Eckhart made Dark Knight superb. Ironman lived up to the hype, and actually exceeded my expectations. Of course I have a soft spot for a clever, well-done, humor-with-a-message animated flick...and that's represented by 3 of those on my list. Button was so very different from anything I'd seen before. Sweeny's music completely trumped the strange gore reservations I had, and the music of Abba makes Mamma Mia a blast on every level. And, Cloverfield is really the film that was trippy, edgy, confusing, and suspenseful wrapped in one. My #10 choice is just a sleeper for me.

Honorable Mention: Frost/Nixon (only because I haven't seen it!)


Taken and Gran Torino

(these 2 films would be near the top of my '08 list, but because of when they came out and when I saw them, there's really not a place for them to exist...they are MUST-SEE flicks)

Looking Forward To
1. Robin Hood
2. G.I. Joe

3. Sherlock Holmes

4. Star Trek

5. X-men Wolverine

6. Transformers 2

7. Angels and Demons

8. Land of the Lost

9. Watchmen

10.Public Enemies

Coming Soon: My thoughts on Slumdog Millionaire, more Office love, and "Daily Words which stand out."


Carly said...

I love you, but you know I disagree with your #1 ranking... :)

Jennifer Reinsch said...

Remind me never to share anything with you guys again at the camp meetings. I am still a bit embarrassed about the whole dump truck story.