Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Best Friend

So, today Carly and I celebrate 8 years of marriage. I'm simply in awe of the fact that she agreed to pick up the phone when I called her (after the infamous cactus gift, mind you). And that she would awaken to a sunrise devo with some Theta peeps, followed by some Bobby's breakfast. Or that she would tolerate my presence @ Books-a-Million, Jamaican Campaign, and our many dates...much less nearly hyperventilate when I gave her the golden egg with a diamond ring in it.

You know, I'm not sure I would have ever been ready to understand the value of friendship in a marriage..perhaps when I was younger and dating everything in sight, that word was a turn-off. But it's a BLAST to share life with someone who enjoys similar things, believes-listens-encourages-corrects-laughs-understands-respects you (even when it doesn't make sense). Carly is my BEST FRIEND, and I'm the better for it.

Don't get me wrong...my wife is smokin' hot. Good grief, to have 2 kids and still have it going on is a wonderful perk to our love. Why did I doubt the old guy principle of glancing at her madre? That should have been my first clue!

Thanks for 8 great, crazy, wonderful, wouldn't-trade-them-for-anything years, Babe. Married up? Okay, that's mild salsa in this context. Won the lottery? That's probably moving toward the right odds in assessing our coming together. I praise you, Great God of All Marriages, for blessing me with the companion you knew would mesh with my heart perfectly. Here's just a couple pics from previous years...hey, my sweet probably has the better collection than me!

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Fish Bowl Resident said...

Thank you my love! That was beautiful...just what my heart wanted to hear today. I love you...xoxo.