Monday, January 25, 2010

American Idol Revealed

With the new Season underway (#9, I believe, and the supposed last hurrah for Simon), I wanted to share something that my sweet wife Carly sent my way which filled in some burning questions for us.

You see, I'm sitting there in front of the TV wondering how in the world the stadium and arena crowds shrink from 12,000+ to 15-25 per city with the gold tickets. It just seemed like there's not enough time, man power, etc. SO, here's a very fascinating article which really clears up some of the myths and truths of the auditioning process, leading all the way up to Randy Jackson's, "Welcome to Hollywood, baby!" Enjoy!


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Tim...your movie friend said...

Not to mention the Idol "ringers" that the producers bring in who never need to ever try out or stand in lines--but get an automatic bid to be in front of the judges.

check this from season 7...stacked with ringers