Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Our Clues - 2 for 1

So, I decided to add some bonus into the game...not sure of how many of you are still intrigued at this point, but today's clues certainly turn up the heat and give ya LOTS to explore. I'm a day late on the middle name clue, but a day early on the regular clue. Happy hunting, and send your guesses to me privately. Much love!

May 21st Clue #1

-6 in a Japanese Trend.

May 28th Clue #2

-"One small step for a feathered friend, one giant leap for our family."

June 3rd Clue #3

-Screamin' Jay Hawkins decides to belt it out...despite the weather.

June 9th Clue #4 & #5

-Steven Spielberg, Marcus Skinner, Ray Walston, and Chris Columbus meet up for some pizza. (still first name)

-A Royal Journal of a Red-haired orphan. (middle name)

June 13th (Due Date - final clues)

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