Friday, January 25, 2008

10 Things I Think...

I was browsing around on awhile back, and I noticed that nearly every week a very renowned sports reporter named Peter King does this thing where he lists 10 things he thinks about sports and what's going on in that world. I thought that was pretty cool, and I'd like to adapt that for my own unique mind, and share with you 10 Things I think, and's not going to be limited to sports only. In fact, it won't even be close. Oh, and I'm making it my goal to post 1 of these lists a week along with 1 normal muse about life and faith. Cool beans...hope ya like it. And if you don't...bah. It's not your 10 thoughts--create your own.
10 Things I Think...
1) The movie Atonement is completely overrated. Yes, there's cool camera shots, beautiful people, and pretty accents, but it didn't do it for me. Like, all I walked away with is don't be a deranged, obsessive-compulsive little child who imagines up fairy tales with your crush in them. Come on, there's better uses of my time out there.
2) You should check out "To know your name" by Hillsong. In a word: unreal. This group just has God flowing through them when they create these ballads of praise which just capture my expression of worship and devotion to Jesus. Listen to the lyrics--simple, but clever.
3) I'm worried this extreme cold-weather might somehow be related to a sliver of Gore's theories on the planet. Okay, so even if his numbers were skewed, he still might be on the right path. Hang in there, polar bears.
4) There's nothing like a well-timed flatulation. And understand, it doesn't have to be from me. Actually, the one I referring to occurred in the 3rd-4th-5th grade class I'm now teaching on Wednesday nights. I had just opened up to this text in Romans, and we're all in a circle with our heads bowed, ready to pour over God's word, and then...squirt. And them some chuckles. And there's really nothing you can do about it except acknowledge the slippage and move on. I suppose if it odor was a horrible determent, you could grab air freshener.
5) I'd like to Eli Manning to achieve something Peyton hasn't. Ya know, it seems to me that it's harder to be the younger brother of a famous successful older bro, and here Eli is at a younger age than Peyton was playing in the Big Game. I'm not sure I'm rooting for any team, but more just a good game--in my book, either outcome makes a good story because I really can't stand the giraffe-necked QB of the Colts.
6) That ultrasound wand-stick-thing is mighty cool if you think about it.
7) Heath Ledger blew it. Whatever the reasons for his death, it still frustrates me. No, he's not perfect, and I hurt for his family and friends. Yet, there's this part of me that gets irritated when a young celebrity fails to realize his/her place of influence within their generation--they'd rather play roulette with substances and night-life and just do whatever the heck they please. It seems like this happens every couple years, ya know? I'll miss not seeing him grow old on the silver screen--and it's gonna be weird watching any of movies from here on out.
8) I need to learn more about this new tax return thing--$$$$ for you and me??
9) I also need prayers to not be angry, competitive, or condescending with my future son. I'd like to aim at being a daddy he loves, respects, and wants to be like.
10) LOST Season 4 will completely recapture the Worldwide BUZZ that it had in the early ventures of Season 1. Mark my words,'s gonna happen.

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Lauren said...

You didn't like Atonement?! I'm a softy for honest acting. Though did they have to use THAT word? Ugh...

As for LOST, I agree. I'm working up a blog with all my questions from the season finale.