Friday, January 11, 2008


I've been watching a lot of random TV lately...and by that I don't mean any new shows, just more strange and bizarre television events. Somewhere between the New Hampshire debates, the Roger Clemens circus, and Hannah Montana, I find myself processing something very new.

We have a hard time believing in anything or anyone anymore.

And ya know, part of it is related to some cultural & age differences between the generations. For instance, people my parents age might be more inclined to extend the benefit of the doubt more generously with athletes, politicians, and celebrities. There was a time when you could take someone at their word, and it was more than Coosh's dad saying, "My word is stronger than oak." (if you're in the dark, see Jerry McGuire on TBS just as soon as ya can)

Nowadays folks don't buy it. The words that come out of people's mouths in front of cameras, microphones, or in print often dissolve like cotton candy in the hands of a child. And as someone who is just trying to keep up with all the promises, the "he said-she said" stuff, and the sacred truth, I find myself very discouraged and filled with a growing cynicism.

Let's face it--we've become a bunch of hungry sharks who race miles across the ocean of decency and morality to FEAST when we smell blood in the water. We just seem to gravitate towards the saucy, we seem mesmerized by the violations and mistakes of others, and we are more than happy to pronunce social sentencing of a person in our hearts, minds, and sphere of influence.

Lately I am wrestling with the profound thought that how in the heck are people supposed to believe in Jesus, how can they take him at His word in a world where the audience doesn't sit with open ears and open hearts to listen as much as they stand behind the flag of skepticism and's like their thinking, "All you can hope to accomplish with me is to change my mind, and you better understand that the odds are not in your favor. I've been burned too many times but false hopes, false promises. Talk is cheap, my friend, and I'll have you know right now, I'm probably not buying."

I don't know whether Roger Clemens used steroids or not. I don't care. That's on his integrity, that's a place for he and God to be honest, not me. I don't know about politicians. Some of them, even with their best intentions/plans/speeches just come off so shaped, forced, and un-geniune. I'd like to believe Barack Obama. I'd like to believe in a change of more than words, but deeds of good and service for others (particularly the poor). Who knows what the future holds with this. And good grief--can we just let Britney recover in peace? It's nobodies place to know, care, or video her coming apart @ the seems. Let's have some decency.

I do know this...I believe in God the Father, Almighty Maker of Heaven, and the Maker of Earth. I believe in Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son, our Lord.

Jesus is not standing in front of any mics or cameras today, or at the source of such controversy that the paparazzi is hounding Him...but His words pierce my heart. His lifestyle captures my attention. His intentionality with hope for all people captivates me at my core. I will follow that. I will believe Him at His every word, no matter my cynicism or doubt.

I love you, Lord.

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