Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Politics (updated)

So, we're underway...voting is commencing everywhere, and there's just a certain excitement in the air today. Or is that uneasiness? Or perhaps hope...or maybe frustration? It's hard to pinpoint exactly what is floating around Americans today, but there's something.

I wanted to just offer a few things to consider as you vote today, or watch the election coverage, and when you engage in political discussions with neighbors. co-workers, family members, and friends. Listed below are 2 different articles and 1 statement from an e-mail which I find to be great food for thought. I don't claim to support any of these writings 100%, but inside each of them are tones, ideas, beliefs, and wisdom which I believe to be important moving forward beyond today.

My hope is that we'll all aim to have perspective...to seek to understand where each other is coming from and why. The thing that's already bumming me out the most about this election day is the attitude of disappointment and criticism that's brewing from many claiming Christ. What's that all about? (you may apply your Mark Wahlberg voice with that question if you like)

What tragic behavior as believers to frown, judge, second-guess someone because their party lines don't add up with yours. Can't we just celebrate the freedom in disagreement, opinion, and viewpoint? I'm confident moving forward that if the man I voted for does not win, I'm not going to be sour about it...I will pray and support who is selected to lead. I have less confidence in the opposite of that scenario, already seeing distaste on Facebook, blogs, and e-mails. Isn't this just humans electing humans? When did we become overwhelmed with entitlement?

I'm done with my words, and I'm excited for what's ahead. May you find perspective from what you read below.

One strong view of this: extreme.

A differing view I find fascinating: contemplative.

And finally, this was a statement by a well respected leader I know who is a member/elder in the Church of Christ. He articulates all of this very well in my opinion.

"I agree that this is not an ordinary Presidential election, but then again, it is; it happens every four years. As hard as it is for some to believe, many intelligent Christians are voting for Obama, and, as hard as it is for some others to believe, many intelligent Christians are voting for McCain. This is not a referendum between good and evil. It’s an election between two flawed politicians, each of whom has an agenda that supports the work of Christ in some respects and works against it in some respects. We do not want to convey the message that one must vote a certain way to be a Christian. Even, no especially, when partisan passions are at their highest, let’s not confuse our party with the body of Christ, at least not when publicly representing ________.
I’m _________ and I approve this message."

So wherever you find yourself in this struggle to represent Christ in all you do (including democracy), may you be guided by His spirit. My prayer is that you consider numbers, issues, character, morals, family, basically the whole enchilada. We shouldn't have unreasonable expectations, but I sense that we also shouldn't zero in on just a couple things from each candidate that defines our choice...just my opinion. God's blessings be on our next leader, and may we commit to prayer for whatever is ahead...the bad and the good...because they will both be present at the table for the next 4 years. Peace.

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Jennifer Reinsch said...

Well said...especially the quote from the elder.

I couldn't get the link on your first article to work. Can you send the link to me?