Friday, June 20, 2008

Answers and revelations

He's here! Deacon Jack Bartee, born @ 12:47am this morning, the 20th of June. The numbers: 8 lbs. 2 ozs., 20 1/2 inches long. Momma is running on fumes for sleep, but we're blessed and happy as can be...look forward to seeing many of you soon, and at the least getting to talk/text/message those of you further away. I will say this: 8 hours into this world, Deacon appears to have a much more "mellow" demeanor than our 1st kiddo, Shiloh. He's sweet, attentive, a vocal delight, calm, snuggly, and I'm just gonna say--intelligent and good-looking. I know, I know...those traits are from his momma. Now for the last hurrah of our mayhem on the blog:

This is it...the explanation to how all these clues fit together to provide hints/clues at Deacon's name. Let me break it down for you:

June 3rd Clue #1
Our son’s name was used in 3 actions movies in the ‘90s. One was comedic, one was an action flick, and one was more on the sci-fi side of the things. I wish he'd been a good guy.

The 3 movies:

Blue Streak - 1999 - comedy
Waterworld - 1995 - action/disaster
Blade - 1998 - sci-fi/comic-book

Villain from Blue Streak = Deacon, played by Peter Greene
Villain from Waterworld = Deacon, played by Dennis Hopper
Villain from Blade = Deacon Frost, played by Stephen Dorff

*Surprisingly, this first clue seemed to attract the most interest and guesses. In fact, 2 people actually guessed correctly, and my brother Payton had Deacon in his final four options. Perhaps he should have read up on the Fearsome Foursome...

June 7th Clue #2
A sports player known for his defense.

*I won't spoil it before Clue #6, but the sport I tried to mask was FOOTBALL.

June 11th Clue #3
Beatty & Rock.

*Chris Rock starred in Down to Earth (2001), which was a remake of Heaven Can Wait (1978), starring Warren Beatty. The football stud from Clues #2 and #6 appeared in the movie as Gorman.

June 14th Clue #4
William Forsythe, Jack Black, Donal Logue.

Forsythe = Detective Hardcastle in Blue Streak
Black = A Pilot in Waterworld
Logue = Quinn in Blade

*My goal here was to help you figure out the movies specifically, and maybe then you'd be able to connect the villains.

June 19th Clue #5 (one day after his projected due date!)
Clues #1 and #4 are related & complimentary.
Clue #3 is stand-alone, but provides overall help.
Clue #2 and Clue #6 will have direct connection.

*These should be self-explanatory now that I've revealed the details of the clues.

June 19th (part 2) Clue #6
Pam Beesley, Head Slap, 1st Timothy, & Sack.

Jenna Fischer plays Pam Beesley, the lone SECRETARY of The Office.
1st Timothy chapter 3 is dedicated to instructions on overseers and DEACONS.
David "Deacon" Jones invented the head slap when he would slap the helmets of offensive lineman as he rushed from his defensive end position. It has since been made illegal. Deacon Jones also coined the phrase "sack" which was the designated action of tackling the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage. His nickname? "The Secretary of Defense."


Mrs TD said...

Congratulations! We are thrilled for you all. I must say that your brain works much differently than the engineers who live here!! I was able to guess Deacon from the Blade clue, but I wasn't able to tie it to the other movies...I wasn't able to figure them out, although Jack Black sent me to Waterworld! I guess having 2 kids is a bit distracting when trying to solve puzzles! Welcome to your wonderful family Deacon!

Blessings to you all,

The TD Family

Jennifer Reinsch said...

Congratulations to your new family! My prayers are with you guys. I have to say that I absolutely did not figure it out until the last clue with 1st Timothy and Sack.

RK&R said...

Congratulations! Ok, so i was way off, but we did try. Robby did come up with Warren Beatty for the Beatty Rock clue, but my goodness, to pinpoint a film with him in it. My brain was too tired at that point. Well, hopefully you have received a long list of possible names for the future. I'm glad everyone is doing well and I can't wait to see him!

JSue said...

Okay, got me! We are so excited about Deacon Jack - will we be calling him DJ? (Come on, you knew SOMEone was gonna ask) Well, I tried very hard to guess his name. (Still think Joe was a good guess) I have to say, there is no way I would ever have guessed it. I missed the last few clues as I was stuck in the car yesterday afternoon traveling to Lousiana - but I'm not sure it would have helped. Hope to see pics soon.

Congrats! We love you guys and can't wait for the boys to play.

Rod & JSue

Sean Stockman said...

Bartees! Welcome to being a foursome- its so much fun! I saw a pic Uncle Jack sent out... too cute! You gotta post some more pics of this little hunk so I can get a better look. I cant wait to hear all the "Shiloh as a big sister" stories... we can compare with some we have of Emerson! Tell Carly great job... and that I love her! Hugs and Kisses to all FOUR of you!

robinscharff said...

yay for deacon! great name. we need pictures but i understand you're a little preoccupied...congrats!

Mr Edge said...

Hey Dustin,
Congrats on your new son. Long story how I ended up on your blog, but you can blame MySpace- a site I rarely ever go to! I am not much of a blogger. Anyway, glad I found it and congrats on your son. Send Carley and the big sister Shiloh our best!