Saturday, June 7, 2008

Keep going, my friends...

There's been a solid response so far to our little game of clues...the Bartee baby boy name reveal. Thanks to all who are having as much fun with this as we are. Below is the 2nd clue, as well as a little bit of a tweak/edit on clue #1 which I think will help some of you who are scratching your head.

Let me remind you, you are welcome to send either of us as many guesses as you like (via text, Facebook, or e-mail), but please know that for the sake of this little contest you'll have to wait until this fella scoots on out before you'll know if you are correct. We never promised this to be some baby-version of Mafia where the storyteller tells the sheriff in the night if their guess of the mafia is correct!

And for the sake of secrecy, keep your guesses to us private--anyone caught running up to any member of the Bartee family (Shiloh included) and trying to submit their ideas could result in the remainder of these clues being forfeited and the reveal being shut down. On a related note: all you sweet folk out there who enjoy my daughter so'd just be peachy if you'd refrain from stressing her out by asking her what her baby brother's name is...I mean, it's stressing her mother and me out, too, but, seriously...let's have fun playing the game, checking the new clues on the assigned days. Cool beans?

June 3rd Clue #1
Our son’s name was used in 3 actions movies in the ‘90s. One was comedic, one was an action flick, and one was more on the sci-fi side of the things. I wish he'd been a good guy.

June 7th Clue #2
A sports player known for his defense.

June 10th Clue #3
~~Random movie hint~~

June 13th Clue #4
~~Additional movie(s) information~~

June 18th Clue #5 (this is his projected due date!)
~~Final, ultimate clues revealed~~

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