Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Slight Hiccup

So friends, it's officially one day PAST this little fella's due date. In fact, today is also Juneteenth, a Texas holiday celebrating the abolition of slavery of Texas. Additionally it's referred to as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day, and just recently the Governator of California declared it a holiday for his state as well. We've been in and out of home today, awaiting 1 opening from the 36 rooms @ Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Woodlands. Our doc said we've got until 5pm today to make the cut and be induced, and we're hovered over our phones.

Now, I realize that I passed on the clue that was due to be released yesterday, but I'd like to do something to sort of make it up to everyone. Today I'll give you some extra help with the already stated clues, and I'll type 2 additional posts that will be revealed very quickly after we get our phone call. The first post will be the final clue(s) for the entire puzzle, and will be given when we're admitted to our hospital room. (we have Internet there for all any skeptics) The second post will contain the entire thought process and explanation of all the clues...sort of the walk-through of all this fun we've been having! So there, we're on.

On the movie front, let me say that The Incredible Hulk was solid. It wasn't Ironman by any means, but it certainly more than made up for Ang Lee's artsy disaster. I do, however, prefer Eric Bana over Ed Norton, and I'll tell you why. I sat there watching Norton on the screen, and while he certainly has the scientific geekiness to be Bruce Banner, he just didn't seem like someone conflicted with turning into the Big Green Beast we know as Hulk. I kept waiting for him to pull out a deck of cards and slip me 2 Aces so we can run the table and repay our debts to the bookies. As far as the ladies, Liv Tyler and Jennifer Connelly are about the same--brown haired, blue-eyed beauties who each have excellent acting chops. I do like William Hurt over Sam Elliot as well. When you see it, please promise you'll sit through the end of the movie (just before the credits)...and you'll be in for the same treat as those of you who sat through the end of the Ironman credits for that little surprise comic book nugget. Nice work, Marvel.

June 3rd Clue #1
Our son’s name was used in 3 actions movies in the ‘90s. One was comedic, one was an action flick, and one was more on the sci-fi side of the things. I wish he'd been a good guy.

June 7th Clue #2
A sports player known for his defense.

June 11th Clue #3
Beatty & Rock.

June 14th Clue #4
William Forsythe, Jack Black, Donal Logue.

June 19th Clue #5 (one day after his projected due date!)
Clues #1 and #4 are related & complimentary.
Clue #3 is stand-alone, but provides overall help.
Clue #2 and Clue #6 will have direct connection.

June ?? Clue #6 & Explanation
~~Final, ultimate clues revealed~~

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