Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The moment you've been waiting for...

Here we go, people. The time has finally arrived...the Bartee's are ready to drop some clues/hints about the name of our little baby boy who's expected arrival is in the next 2.5 weeks. I must admit I was a bit loopy on meds after passing a kidney stone late Monday night when I created this list Tuesday afternoon, but I think it will strike your curiosity and awaken the little adventurer/discoverer within you. So, glance below at the schedule of clues, and have a blast!

If you have a legitimate guess...I mean, this is something you truly think we'd name our son, not something silly or cute or you just trying to be amusing...then send me a private message on Facebook, an e-mail, or a text (for those of you out there with my cell). Carly and might tell you if you're correct...hey, it's worth a shot, yes?

June 3rd Clue #1
Our son’s name was used in 3 actions movies in the late ‘90s. One was a comedy, one was comic-book related, and one was a disaster. Sadly, each time the character was on the villainous side.

June 7th Clue #2
~~Sports-related clue~~

June 10th Clue #3
~~Random movie hint~~

June 13th Clue #4
~~Additional movie(s) information~~

June 18th Clue #5 (this is his projected due date!)
~~Final, ultimate clues revealed~~

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